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I Want More of Inishmore! (how cheesy)

Inishmore. Prior to the 20th century, this beautiful island that is the largest of the Aran Islands, was more commonly known as “Aranmore”. The Irish word “Arainn” translates to “long ridge”, which is a pretty accurate description of the island. … Continue reading

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Galway is Letterkenny is Dublin. Or is it?

This weekend, our group headed on down to Dublin, the largest city in Ireland. It is certainly the busiest city by far, and that is all right for some, but I found myself a tad overwhelmed.  We had a great … Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE: Erin Opens Up: The Truth About Ireland!

By Rita Skeeter Earlier, I sat down with OU student, Erin R, to discuss her recent travels to Ireland and her nitty-gritty experiences in the Land of Sheep. During our riveting interview, Erin confided in me the shocking truth about … Continue reading

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“Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting.”

My title is a quote from Peter Pan, my favorite Disney story, and childishly fits my feelings about leaving Ireland. One day it just hit me. I’m actually going to miss it here. It is extremely rare that I am … Continue reading

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This past weekend was spent in Dublin. It’s always exciting getting to leave our home base of Letterkenny to explore new cities. After the four hour bus ride, we arrived in Dublin and at our hostel, the Globetrotter. We’ve been … Continue reading

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Why doesn’t America have any castles?!

On our way to Glenveigh Castle and National Park, somebody in our group started geeking out about the fact that they were gonna get to see a castle. A piece of living history, something with roots tying it to times … Continue reading

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The 1001st Thing You Should See Before You Die

Yesterday our group took a day trip to the city of Derry. Or Londonderry… whatever you prefer. I know the attraction for most of the group was to spend a day out of Letterkenny and say that we had technically … Continue reading

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