The ending point is another starting point. Wait! This will never end!!

Two more days left with everybody in the group. I am now sitting in the computer room in RCC, waitting for the second last screening, and ready to head to Dublin, again, to get my passport. When I go through people’s last blogs, I find that a lot people used my pictures!! Those are copyrighted, guys!! Just kiding! You guys can use those. I mean this last one should be really emotional, right?

The beginning of the trip, I’d never think that we all can get very close. After every time of group outting, we become closer and closer and eventually we become a big family. All start with the Karaoke night on Aran Islands. Because we have so many people, we won 100 euro!

 After we come back, we used the left over money to buy frozen pizza and had a pizza party in apartment 7.

We went out for Katie’s surprise Birthday party, who had no idea that everybody would go to Harry Potter movie. Actually I never watched Harry Potter before. Ok, I know, I didn’t know what I was doing 10 years ago. Anyway, we went to the Yellow Pepper and had that kind of surprised wrong cake for Katie.

Then thanks to Kara, we had an amazing pasta night! We set up the tables in the second floor, that was a really big place!

Finally we went to Dublin together, and had a great time with everybody!!

Honestly, I won’t cry, because I m just not kind of person, but I will feel really really sad when I leave. I feel like I get to know more American culture than the past 4 and half years. Everyone is super cool, super nice and super funny! This is the actually my first time to spend this much time with a group ever, and I had a really good time. I’ll always remember the opening doors in 2 apartments upstair, and we can just come in and go without knocking. I’ll always remember that we all together hang out together discussing all the life problems. I’ll always remember that we never happened to have a kick ball tournament even we call that every night and eventually become a 4-square something. I’ll always remember that one night we are all cold sit outside as a circle and talk about the truth of our lives. I’ll always remember that frustration at the night before the homework due. I’ll always remember that the dance night that no one in lower apartments would come. I’ll always remember that everyone just being very nice to each other. I’ll always remember in that year I was in Ireland with the family that has all the cool people. I’ll A lot things happened in this trip, but whether they are bad or good, it’ll always be the greatest memory I ever have in my life. I love you guys! We’ll definitely hang out back in Athens! I’ll never forget you guys! Good luck to your rest of trip! I love you!!!

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