Food in Ireland, a review in pictures (because that’s how media students roll)

With everyone posting about observations on friends and family here I thought I might try something different and talk about a different sort of observation I’ve been making.  I should probably preface this with: I love food.  No seriously.  I love food.  I love eating, I love cooking, I love baking, I love trying new things, and I even love learning about food.  I’m that person that takes pictures of food they serve in restaurants.  I’ve even done it in the apartment here.

Irish bread and Irish jam. Yes please.

Mmmm~ Delicious








I’m sure you can imagine my apprehension when I was reminded that Ireland is not exactly known for their gourmet cooking. But still, I was optimistic.  New food is new food after all.

First meal in Ireland…left a bit to be desired.  But still, who can judge from first impressions?  We’ll just blame the choice on jetlag or something.

Mmm, fish and chips

Honestly, I’m glad I didn’t give up hope right then and there.  After that day our luck with food was a lot better.  All it took was a little more exploring to find some really fantastic places.

Possibly my favorite place in Letterkenny

That had some really fantastic food.

No, that's not cheese soup. It's apple crumble with custard.

They may not have a ton of variety like some more cosmopolitan cities but what they do, they do well.

From the simple,

Pictured: Heaven on a bun. 100% Irish Beef cheeseburger.

To the fantastic (no, I’m not going to make a ‘simple to simply divine crack’, that’s too easy),

Breast of Free-range Irish Chicken stuffed with extra mature cheddar cheese & spring onion, duck fat roast potatoes, Dijon cream sauce. Yes please.

To the just plain strange.

Chicken tenders on pita? Okay the.

There are a lot of outside influences,

4th of July in Letterkenny. Yes, I got the kids meal. It was delicious and I got a toy.

and international restaurants and cafes.

Chocolate chip cloud meringues the size of my face in an Italian Cafe in Dublin

But they do what they love,

Theme cakes! In boxes!

And love what they do.

And who am I to mess with that?



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